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Copyright Permission Guidelines 
Landmark Baptist Church's (Landmark's) copyright materials may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of Landmark. Landmark’s copyright materials include content on its Web site, the designer layout of the Web site (including individual sections of the design or layout of the Web site), any and all written documents, policies, procedures, brochures, reports or other material distributed by Landmark.

To obtain permission to copy or use Landmark’s copyrighted material, the following steps must be taken:     

  • All requests must be submitted in writing to the contact information listed on this web site.
  • Requests must:
    • Include the requestor’s name, address and telephone number.
    • Identify the exact material that is being requested to be copied and the title of the publication, video or the Web site URL address from which the material is taken.  Page numbers and copyright dates must be included.
    • State exactly how the material will be used and distributed and if the materials will be sold.

Incomplete requests will be returned for missing information.

Please allow ten (10) business days for requests to be processed.

The Landmark copyright statement must be included on the reproduction.  The requestor must identify and credit Landmark as the source of the material with the following statement:
Reprinted with permission from Landmark Baptist Church, Bonner Springs, KS.  Title, publication date and statement:  All Rights Reserved.

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